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Metro de Panama 

Consulting Services for the Development of Metro de Panama’s Public Safety and Security Program

In support of the prime contractor Command Consulting Group (CCG),CASE™ has established an excellent working relationship with Panamanian Government Officials managing the launch of Line 1 of the Metro de Panama fixed guideway system, a 13.7 kilometers Metro system from Albrook to Los Andes, in Panama City, Panama.

Beginning in August 2012, CASE™ performed a preliminary assessment of the key capabilities of police, fire and emergency management personnel who will provide first responder services to the Metro.  As a part of the assessment,CASE™ developed a report of 26 recommendations prioritized into categories of significance that should be addressed prior to the Metro opening for revenue service.  The recommendations have been accepted in large measure by Panamanian Authorities.

As a priority, CCG and its CASE™ project team assisted the Public Safety Commission with the development of a Metro de Panama Public Safety, Security and Emergency Response Plan (SSERP).

The Metro SSERP address the following types of emergencies:

·      Fire or smoke conditions ·      Structural collapse
·      Collision or derailment ·      Hazardous materials release
·      Loss of power ·      Serious vandalism or criminal acts
·      Evacuation of passengers ·      Terrorism
·      Passenger panic ·      First aid or medical care
·      Disabled, Stalled, or Stopped Trains ·      Extreme weather conditions
·      Tunnel flooding ·      Natural Disasters (e.g. Earthquake)
·      Disruption of service ·      Other emergencies

CASE™ project management of the Metro work consisted of utilizing the SSERP to establish a methodical course of action focused upon engaging the entire Panamanian public safety community in collaboration with Metro operators.  Commissioned Panamanian members will be directed towards thinking through the life cycle of a potential crisis, determining required capabilities, and establishing a framework of roles and responsibilities. Additionally, the SSERP will encompass a common planning community that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the Metro de Panama Public Safety Program.