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Fundamental Capabilities of Effective All-Hazards Infrastructure Protection, Resilience, and Emergency Management for State Departments of Transportation

NCHRP 20-59(51) A
An Update of Security 101: A Physical & Cyber Security Primer for Transportation Agencies (Publication)

NCHRP 20-59(51) B
A Guide to Emergency Response Planning at State Transportation Agencies, Second Edition (Publication)

Tools and Strategies for Eliminating Assaults Against Transit Operators (Publication)

FRA On-line Training Program for Freight Rail Operators under development (Freight Mode/Hazmat) (Training)

FRA On-line Training Program for FRA Inspectors under development (Freight Mode/Hazmat) (Training)

FRA 49 CFR 172.820 Hazmat Risk Analysis Project
Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) “Hazardous Materials Transportation Risk Analysis Model” (H-TRAM) software as a service(SaaS). The Federal Railroad required a development of programs, software and security risk analysis tools for use by Hazardous Materials Transportation in making routing determinations. The Federal Railroad Administration has sole sourced a Sub-Recipient Agreement to CASE to develop a new risk analysis methodology for hazmat transportation security.

American Public Transportation Association (APTA)
Cybersecurity Training for APTA Emerging Leaders Group (Mass Transit and Passenger Rail Mode)
Terrorism and WMD Awareness in the Workplace Course (Law Enforcement Sub-Mode)

Transportation Research Board (TRB)
Research studies and publications (Recommended Practices, Guidelines, White Papers)

National Transit Institute (NTI)
On-line Webinar – TCRP – Public Transportation Passenger Security Inspections: A Guide for Policy Decision Makers